About Noverse LLC

Noverse LLC was created to provide premium quality software consulting, design and development services. Our primary focus is on developing specialist financial and asset management software, from trading systems, though algorithmic containers and back-office integrations, as well as custom Web, Macintosh and iOS applications for a diverse range of clients. We choose only projects we have a passion for, and focus our efforts on good clear architecture, design, usability, readability, simplicity, experience and functionality.

The principal of Noverse has extensive experience in the financial services business having been CTO of three Hedge Funds and having personally developed a complete front-to-back office solution for all three of them. Noverse has consulted for buy-side asset managers, hedge funds and small brokers. If you are a finance firm, and want to go Custom, Web, Mac or Mobile, we can help you. We understand the finance business, we understand the technology of corporate computing, and we know the new frontiers of iPhones, iPads and mobile computing.

Noverse LLC is a New York Company.

About Hilton Lipschitz (Hiltmon)

Hilton Lipschitz is the primary designer, consultant and developer at Noverse. He has spent the last 32 years designing, developing, managing, architecting, supporting, negotiating, planning, debugging, reviewing, and re-writing commercial and corporate grade software around the world and across several industries.

For more about Hilton, see his personal web site at hiltmon.com.

Posted By Hilton Lipschitz · Feb 12, 2012 1:27 PM