Hanging out my shingle

I have freed up enough of my time to be able to offer my skills as technology strategist, systems architect, software designer, consultant, public speaker, programmer and super software sage for hire.

I have 21 years of experience, started out as a programmer, grew into a complex project manager, and landed up as Chief Technology Officer (and number one programming guru) at two successful and very complex hedge funds. 21 years of experience makes me a great programmer, accomplished systems architect and seasoned manager.

And now I am an indie. I choose to design and write the software I want to write, on the platforms I want to use, using skills honed over the years. But working full time on just my own stuff is not enough for me, I need to be involved in other things, in other places, facing new challenges, dealing with people.

So I hereby up my shingle.

If you are looking for an experienced software designer, preferably for the Apple Macintosh OS X or iOS (iPhone / iPad) platforms, send me an email (contact at noverse dot com). If you need an architecture, product or module designed, send me an email (contact at noverse dot com). If you want to start up the next big finance firm, and need help, send me an email (contact at noverse dot com). If your company wants an iPhone or iPad app written, send me an email (contact at noverse dot com).

But, at the cost of seeming arrogant, know this.

I do not come cheap. All this experience and expertise and skill did not come for nothing and does not go out for nothing.

I don’t do freebies or profit shares, I have my own freebies and profits from my own indie business for that. If I had a dollar for every time someone told me they had a great software idea…

I do things right. Professionally. Properly. Always. I do not cut corners, and do not compromise on quality, accuracy, performance, useability or capability.

I have done it all before. Establish a business? Check. Program on Windows? Check. Architecture consulting? Check. Contract software development? Check. Commercial grade software? Check. Train staff? Check. Bring troubled projects back on track? Check. Manage teams? Check. Which also means I have also made the necessary mistakes and learned from them.

I give 100%. I may have other clients, I do have other projects, but yours, yours gets my undivided attention when I am on your clock. And even when I am off your clock, I still focus on and work on your needs.

I put my name on things I do. On the software I write, on the designs I deliver, on the architectures I plan, on the consulting reports I produce. By putting my name on them, I stand by them.

I focus on agile deliverables. For software, I release early and often. For design, I iterate on drafts. For consulting, I engage frequently. Experience has shown that time is the enemy, that things change over time, and that long, slow, structured delivery, traditional delivery, no longer works. Flexibility, agility, and working closely together, works well.

If you are still reading this, please send me an email (contact at noverse dot com), even to say you got this far.

Posted By Hiltmon · Jul 31, 2010 5:01 PM