Here are some of the engagements and projects in which Noverse has designed and developed the software. We have many more under our belts, but our finance clients generally prefer to remain private.

Buy Side Hedge Fund Client

Noverse designed and developed a data collection and reporting server for a New York based buy-side Hedge Fund. The server collects data from a range or sources, consolidates it, delivers data to their analytics, and presents required reports to their Portfolio Managers.

Used: Ruby on Rails on Linux


Noverse has developed the core server, pipeline and platform for Quandl, currently in Alpha release. The goal of Quandl is to be a searchable directory of all raw data on the Internet, and to deliver that data in a common format for use by its clients. As of writing, Quandl has over 2 million datasets in the current version of the product.

Used: Ruby on Rails, Redis, Sphinx


Noverse was engaged by oo.com.au, Australia’s largest online department store, to design and develop an iPhone app to enable their customers to browse and purchase their products. Noverse created a test server harness using Ruby on Rails, and then built the app using Objective-C and JSON. Once the server API was established, Noverse completed the app and managed the beta test process. Once PayPal approval was complete, Noverse successfully submitted the app to the App Store. Throughout the whole process, Noverse LLC advised oo.com.au of all the steps being taken, the artwork and app store requirements and PayPal standards. The app is available on the Australian and New Zealand app store and has over 30,000 unique copies downloaded, returning a 5% increase in sales.

Used: Objective-C on iOS, Ruby on Rails (server)


Noverse is very proud of our Kifu product. We set out to create a web-based product to help smaller non-profit organizations to manage their databases of people and events. We wanted a product that was affordable to them, easy and fun to use, yet rigorous in process and accuracy. And we succeeded. Sadly, Kifu was shut down on July 1, 2014.

Used: Ruby on Rails on Linux

Posted By Hilton Lipschitz · Feb 12, 2012 4:42 PM