Development Services

Software needs to get written. That’s where Noverse’s development services come in. Noverse produces software that is properly architected, robust, reliable, fast, scaleable, very maintainable, useable, matches the true needs of your business, looks great, is proven correct (especially in finance related applications), and is done right. Noverse uses an agile collaborative process to produce software, releasing lots of early builds to our clients to show progress and to improve collaboration.

Some of the software Noverse can produce includes:

  • iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad applications, for both internal (corporate) use and to go on the App Store. End-to-end development for iOS whether the app is standalone (device only) or integrated with web services which we also craft. Mobile is the future, and your systems should be available everywhere.

  • Apple Macintosh OS X applications, both internal and for public sale. Combine the power of UNIX with the beauty of OS X to make unique software experiences. Macs are appearing on more and more office desks, and your systems needs to be available to your Mac users.

  • Web applications, using Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to provide scaleable and responsive public and internal hosted applications. Leverage databases, memory caches, and open source cloud servers to scale and rapidly deploy software. Noverse will happily create web anything from blogs and marketing sites to real-time financial applications.

  • Anything a hedge fund or asset manager will need. Noverse’s principal has built the entire platform for 2 hedge funds over the past 10 years and understands this business perfectly. Includes, order management and front office trading systems, pricing systems, settlement systems, fund accounting systems, reconciliation systems, risk management systems, integration with administrators and prime broker systems, and some very interesting analytics systems.

Posted By Hilton Lipschitz · Feb 12, 2012 5:16 PM