Process and Training Services

Noverse’s process and training services provide you and your team with the skills and processes to run a better, more efficient, more responsive, leaner and sharper IT group. Services include:

  • Project Management: Our principal’s almost 20 years of active project management experience means than Noverse can manage your projects exceptionally well. Our training services can also show you how to manage your projects better. Learn how to plan, manage, organize and control your project, motivate your project team and satisfy your project’s customer.
  • Produce better code: Tight deadlines, shifting requirements and cowboy programmers mean that most software produced these days is not elegant, not very maintainable, not flexible and not very fast. Noverse can introduce fun ways to improve code quality, programmer performance to enable you to build what you need better with the same resources and constraints.
  • Create responsive teams: Customers always complain that IT is slow, unreliable and often gets things wrong. Noverse can show you how to create a more responsive, proactive IT team that understands its customers needs to drive the business forward.

Posted By Hilton Lipschitz · Feb 12, 2012 5:30 PM